Making the DUNE 2021 Binoculars for under $20

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Making the DUNE 2021 Binoculars - by: Zach Settewongse

The new DUNE 2021 movie looks amazing. I decided I wanted to build a prop from the behind the scene images that have been released. I had one image of these binoculars to work with. I also wanted to do a build on my YouTube Ch that anyone could do. So I challenged myself to make it out of a single sheet of foam core board. I added a few items to the foam core, eva foam, paint, screws, etc but the overall cost was less than $20.

Paint: A huge help on this project was the Rust-Oleum Metallic Soft Flat Iron. I use the whole series of metal finish paints by Rust-Oleum a lot in my Maker Shop. They are a model/ prop makers dream.

Watch the full build video:

THE SECRET is to always wear a silly hat while making things. It's just what all us pro Makers do :P

Have fun and go make something!

Zach Settewongse
IG @Settewongse