Marbleized Flowerpot

Submitted to Community Chat

I am always scoping out the internet for new ideas to try. I really wanted to try this one because it looked easy for you to do, and it looks so cool when finished. I  took a terracotta pot and painted it with Rustoleum White Blossom. I  let it dry completely. Then I took a pail and filled it with warm water. Now you have to remember, I haven't tried this before, and I was hoping I was doing it right. I emptied two small bottles of two different colors into the water, making swirl patterns. I dipped the post in all the way to the top. Now you can dip it to the rim, and decorate that instead of dipping....I went for the whole pot! Tip: It's better if you wear gloves. I wiped off the wet beads with a paper towel. I let it dry completely, then sprayed with Rustoleum Clear Sealer.I love it!!!!