Therapy in a can!

Submitted to Community Chat

Some of you may seen some previous comments regarding my dad being ill. Well, he lost his battle early this morning. It has been an emotional time for me. He walked out on my mom and us 4 kids when I was 9 and occasionally over the decades I would hear from him. He reached out to me when he became ill, I made a choice to leave the hurt in the past and be there with him for this last journey. After his passing this morning I can’t sleep. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to do what I love and just let it go. So what did I grab? A paint brush and can of paint. I have a donation I need to get done for a local school and the theme is Lion King. What could be more fitting then a sign saying, “Hakuna Matata”. It may take me days to finish a simple sign between making arrangements, phone calls and what else will need to be done but like Hakuna Matata means, “no worries”.
Thank you all for sharing your talents and support. The positivity within this community is amazing! I am not a professional but just a girl who, like my mom would have said, “likes to putz”. But in the few years I have been part of this group I have been challenged and accomplished things I never imagined. Thank you!