Meant to be

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I saw this pile of precut cedar at an estate sale. I went home that night and kept thinking of all that wood. We try to do a family craft when we get together. We always talked about making barn quilts as a family craft. That night I actually dreamt about that wood. I woke up the next morning, made hubby a big breakfast and told him I was going to go back to the sale and buy the pile of wood.
We went to the sale and were talking to the person having the sale. The building belonged to his father who passed away and they had the building now sold. I learned the wood had been in the building when his dad bought it over 40 years ago. His Dad bought It from a company that made planters, nativity crèches and other cedar products. Ironically my Mom worked for that company at the same time and who knows, she could have even cut the wood. The lady at the sale asked what I would do with the wood and I started explaining I wanted to make barn quilts. She got quiet and teary eyed and I looked at her and asked if she would be interested in a barn quilt. She excused herself as she started crying. She returned and asked me if I could make 2. One for herself and one for her sister. She loved the idea of having something made from the wood in her dad’s shed. Now I still had not been given a price of the pile of wood. Her brother comes over and says I have a deal for you. I will sell you the pile of wood for $50. Then when you have the barn quilts done my sister will buy them from you for $50. So when my family was here for our son’s graduation we spent the following Monday and Tuesday working on our project. I still can’t believe the odds of finding the wood as we just talked about making barn quilts this past Christmas. Then for it to be from where my mom worked and it sat untouched for 40 years, just crazy. I am attaching pics of some finished and some in progress pics. The 2 blue quilts were for the lady at the sale, her father’s favorite color was blue. I also invited a co-worker and friend to join in on the fun. Some are still working on theirs so I don’t have pics of all the finished pieces. All together 13 quilts were made and I will be making more in the future. Shout out to my hubby who did all the cutting for all of us. One picture is the pile of wood at the sale. The other is it stacked in our garage. I made the orange and black quilt as well as the 2 blue ones. It was my first time using the weather accelerator, amazing product!