American Accents Ultra Cover =Modern loosely Rothko inspired color field painting

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I have had a giant new 40 x 40“ gallery stretched canvas ( from the thrift store) leaning against the wall in my art corner for a long time, likely 8 to 10 years waiting for a project.

Intimidating by doing a realistic painting in this square format-I decided to do a modern piece inspired by Rothko after seeing PBS show on the artist. I chose a red white and blue palette.  When my artist acrylic paints did not have the color intensity or sheen that I hoped for I decided to to a complete do-over. Unhappy with this color field washed out stain technique- my hopes were for more vibrancy and sheen. I poured some American Accent ultra color directly on the canvas and played around with it. Doing separate colors each day in the garage with the canvas horizontally placed. The results - no longer -the washed-in Rothko-esque color staining technique  -but a satisfaction for my needs for colorful intense energy.

This “can paint” is a wonderful asset for so many projects particularly outdoor uses. It withstands the elements to remains bright and shiny.
As autumn's colorful show fades and we go into a colorless season my birdhouses and other outdoor items will be the bright spots in the landscape thanks to American Accents UltraCover.

Don't forget about this powerful paint product -creators. I sometimes feel its underutilized and appreciated.

Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.....just maybe use some Ultra Cover there too.