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I'm SO SO SO excited to finally have a laundry workspace (that isn't the floor and/or couch!). The laundry is in a "closet" (doors are off) that is open to a family room (kids play room in the basement). I really wanted to have a real laundry room, but our house doesn't have one- so I'm trying to make the best of it.

I spoiled myself and got front loading washer and dryer (so far I love them) so that I could build a workspace on top of them.  My hopes and dreams are to eventually relocate the water heater and replace the  cabinets...but until then (and with a modest budget); here's what I came up with FOR UNDER $30!

I bought a piece of particle board at Lowes and asked THEM TO CUT IT FOR ME FOR FREE! (Best decision ever). So both pieces of wood that I needed came from one piece of particle board (about 20 bucks).

I primed both pieces (one for the top of the counter and one for the side to support it). Next I painted the side piece white and spray painted the top with the Hammered look spray paint.

After it was dry, I added a resin (which took a couple days to cure, but gave it a super pretty and shiny, high-gloss finish).

When we installed it, we added a piece of trim to the front to finish it off (we secured the other side by securing a piece of wood to the wall and setting the top on it).

Isn't it a BIG CHANGE!?  I'm really happy with the look and the FUNCTIONALITY!