Three projects/ideas started —-This girl loves her 💕primer💕

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Starting my first 2020 projects with some sanding and priming. Love the way sanding and the priming prep options are the foundation for a sucessful and good looking project.

1-Here Ive sanded some preowned cardboard childrens books to get the shine off which will be Zinsser 123 spray primed next— as my weather may permit. I am going to make altered books, one will be for my grandson. The rest will be available as back up blanks. I probably last made these handcrafted books more 10 years ago.

2-I have a broken windchime that the top wooden disk split apart. I purchased a hardwood cutting board at the thrift store had the round cut out now priming it- before applying the American Accents ultra cover paint. Hopefully between the interior exterior indoor- outdoor primer and Ultra Cover the wood will be protected from the weather abuse for some time.

3-A less than $3 thrift store birdhouse was sanded and primed for the last project in this series. Need to think of a good design to paint. Perhaps a marimenkko type pattern?

Looking forward to seeing all the marvelous projects the Creators will be posting in 2020!

Please—Don’t forget to post them here.

Correction I am using American Accents Ultra Cover paints on the wood items after priming.