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Thank you for taking the time to read this & I apologize for anything that shows how much of a newbie I really am.  I just moved into a new place & my Cube Organizer dresser thing has been paitently waiting for me in my storage unit for the past 4 months because I want to paint & spiffy it up before bringing it home but I realized I wanted it to actually look nice & other than just " winging it " , I'm not positive on what the best steps to take are when it comes to doing this.  In case my picture doesnt give enough detail , I want to give a little background about the item I'm speaking on.  I'm pretty sure the brand is ClosetMaid & it has 9 cubbies.  I am very interested in using the Rustoleum " Chalked " paint because I feel it would give me the effect I'm looking for when I picture it in my head but I dont know if it's best to use SprayPaint or actual paint because it's also made of laminated wood and that's one of the main reasons I wanted to ask questions because I didnt know what all I should do differently.  If anyone is able to help me make sure I dont royally screw this project up - I would be incredibly grateful & appreciative !  If any other details are needed from me or anything else please feel free to ask me ! My email address is if it's needed !  Thanks to everyone again for reading & thank you again ahead of time for any help you're able to provide ! : )