Golden Pumpkin Framed!

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If you have been to a dollar store lately, you will find pumpkins by the dozens! Well,I just had to pick up some and see what I could make with them.

I took a box cutter, but almost anything will work. It's made of really thin Styrofoam, and thankfully, it doesn't make a big mess when you cut in half. I then took one of the pieces I cut and painted with a off white spray paint.

I then sprayed with Rustoleums Metallic Gold! I just love this spray paint!! I have used this in many projects.

As the pumpkin was drying, I took a frame and it's cardboard, and painted them both with black spray paint.

I took a piece of black material and cut it big enough to cover the cardboard and left a little on all 4 sides to fold behind. I then hot glued the sides to the back. I as thinking while I was making this....It would look really pretty with black tulle covering the material.When it was all dry...I glued the pumpkin inside the frame...I added some acorns..(I halved them also) and a pretty leaf.

This is so pretty on the mantel, or hanging on the wall.Don't you just love the shine of the gold metallic!!!