I Created an ART Piece!

Submitted to Community Chat

I was one of the lucky people selected to try out the Rustoleum Marbling Kit. I chose the metallics! The first thing that you MUST know is that the whole process will be really messy, so be sure to cover the floor and a large workspace. My first stop was the dollar store. I purchased some items I thought would be perfect to start off with, I know me, even when I paint, there is more on me. I purchased a large foil pan. (kind that holds a turkey) to catch the drippings. The plate/server I used for this is clear plastic. You can see it in the last pic leaning up against the foil turkey pan.

A easy way I found in measuring acuratley is empting one bottle of the testors color into each plastic cup. Take that same empty bottle and fill with the medium... 50/50  ....the easy way.

I started early in the morning, when the weather was cool. I mixed the equal parts of themedium and paint color, mixed and let sit. I started with the darkest color first, the black,then added charcoal gold, blue. I started slowly turning in different directions.

This is what I ended up with! It is absolutly gorgeous! The colors look like little rivers flowing fluently across the plate....so pretty. I am so proud of myself!

I must add...Although I had plastic down everywhere, some of the paint did get on the cement. Although I did have gloves on, I did get some on me, and in my hair. The paint came right off the cement with the hose. I  my just jumped in the pool to clean myself off. This product cleans up so easily!

I also did this next one on a large canvas