VW Microbus

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One of my husband's dream vehicles is VW Microbus in red.  For his birthday this year I decided to make his dream vehicle out of wood.

I Googled VW Microbus and found a nice black and white line drawing.  I put that image into Inkscape to make a SCUT image, and then put the SCUT image into Sure Cuts A Lot 4 to create an SVG image.  From there I opened the SVG image into Cricut where I was able to cut it in 2 mirror-image 12"x24" sections.  That gave me a template to trace out the vehicle.  From there I cut out the image using a jigsaw, and gave it a good sanding (making sure not to sand out the image).  I painted the vehicle using acrylic paint, making adjustments here and there to make it more visually pleasing.  I then used E6000 to glue on a sawtooth hanger.  Final size:  22"x22"

Bottom line....my husband LOVES his VW Microbus!!!