Photoshop fantasy self portrait

Submitted to Community Chat

I made this for a graphic design assignment this was our final project and it was to design a fantasy character on our own and to then place them in a fantasy world that required a minimum of 4 images into one fantasy background world of our own design. I chose to make a self portrait of my journey moving across the state and the pressures I felt after leaving my husband being attractive yet also highly intelligent with a prominent professional career and the societal assumptions made towards women such as myself. Also to be stepping into a journey of design, diy and crafting publicly for the first time as an adult while utilizing the elements of design to “tell my story” I had never used photoshop before taking this course and couldn’t believe I even made this I attached the elements of designs wrote up which explains the technique and technicality that explains how each element of design was utilized incase anyone was curious! The background is made up of 6 different images combined into the background you see and I created and placed the character myself which started as a black and white figure separated entirely at her origin from the background! One of my most proud submissions as something I’ve created!!