Glitter removal- follow up- sucess!

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Follow up post to last years Cafe question can one remove glitter from dollar store plastic deer.

Last year I had a frustrating time attempting to remove glitter from these glittered plastic deer ornaments. Boiling water and manual scraping was not very efficient. Lots of suggestions were made but I abandoned the project for another more urgent one.

This week I found the deer and a sucessful glitter removal solution.

Soaking the deer heads in a mason jar of acetone nail polish made glitter remove was fairly quick easy but was a bit messy. Letting them soak for 5-10 minutes then removing-wiping with kleenex sloughed off most of the glittered coating. Only in the deepest crevices did it remain and I used a ceramic tool to scrape it out. The deer heads did separate in half, but they have tabs to align and reconnect to snap back together. Ive eliminated the center bar between the antlers clipping it off with wire cutters and will dremmel it down the remainder further.

May possibly fabricate them into napkin holders in January -right now - too many holiday projects are waiting. Need to figure out the design-color and fabrication. Last year I painted one flat white and I did like that color as it resembled porcelain.