when is black not black

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have this file cabinet, the veneer is too kind, paper wood top, maybe a cheap laminate. Would throw it away however it has been requested to be used in open floor living area, maybe it will alleviate some of the mess with papers, can only hope.

would like to paint it flat black, matte black.

Have spent a great deal of time on Pinterest and other sites and cannot figure which of your products to use since there is no chalk black The charcoal looks like black but.. the flat black has many different types, 2X, ultra, universal etc. Could use whichever is acrylic and mix it with calcium to make chalk paint, but am not fond of the country look or distressed, so want it flat. Will the charcoal work and if so what can I buy for touch-ups.

Have the knobs shown and am going to put this Marimekko pattern shown on the front of drawers and the handles shown and hope to add feet.. if agreed