Pottery Barn dupe…….Wonder if it will work…..

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Wonder if it will work?
Has anyone here done the Pottery Barn bell dupe?

Taking an intermission from other holiday crafts allowing time for primer and sealers to cure……

Watched YouTube of someone doing this dupe with paper cups.
Trying with skinny aluminum cans…….a store freebie, the drink flavor was disagreeable….trying to salvage something from the product.

Generally PAINT always makes things better.
Fingers crossed…….

Making bells with outdoor display suitable results is my ultimate goal.
Certainly paper mache or even clay formed bells might be better reproduction choices.

Cant seem to attach photos for updates here in text body here.
Running outside to do quick spray applications ( gray base — expresso brown- copper— gold) in sub optimal temperatures and running them back in the garage to dry.

The fun part will be trying to do the rustic multi layer hand applied metallic patina.
Much like doing the jingle bells project previous years ago.

Final Outcome
My results were acceptable. Definitely another learning experience. I believe that an addition of a dome topper on the can would be a good idea to consider. My rope was very hairy a better quality would look best. Two photos added before going into storage.