Vintage Singer No. 40 Library Cabinet Restore. Advice needed!

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I was gifted this vintage Singer model 66 sewing machine in the Singer No. 40 library cabinet. I want to preserve the original look. It is not detrimental, but I would like to try to replicate the original finish. The cabinet is made of one of three types of wood. Mahogany, Walnut or Brown Mission.
Here is where I need help and advice.
  1. What would be the best way to strip this cabinet?
  2. What stain color would you recommend?
  3. What would be the best finish or top coat?
The sewing machine is in excellent condition, but is missing a few crucial parts and will need to be rewired for safety. Thankfully, the parts are still available. I have modern sewing machines and my great grandmothers antique treadle. The treadle is a Singer model 27 that is in excellent condition and still sews a beautiful straight stitch. I am delighted to add the Singer 66 to my line up and will use Eva for her incredible straight stitching capability after restoration. It is customary to name vintage machines. I named her after the original owner and the lady who gave Eva to me was delighted.