My purple projects.....putting it all together!!! :)

Submitted to Community Chat

I’ve been working on projects to go in my new purple space. All of the projects were done using Rust-Oleum products. I have several things in here to make up the space. 
I’m showing pictures of the deep lavender chest, the mixed up jewelry chest, the glitter burst hearts, the clock frame in metallic accents and also the goose box. The clock frame and goose box are in the metallic accents submission. The old piano bench is in the metallic accents and the old shelf is in the deep lavender chalked paint, like the chest. The wicker corner piece was also done in metallic accents in champagne. The pictures hanging over the wicker corner piece are photos I took in my flower garden then painted some frames for them.
I’m really loving this space but I’m winding it done now so as not to get too many things in there as I have a tendency to do. :) I’ve finished the adjoining hallway just waiting for the light fixtures to be hung. Which takes me to the bathroom and...well you’ll see!!!:)