Laundry Room Floor Reno

Submitted to Community Chat

I finally got the free time to use the Rustoleum Home Floor Coating we purchased almost two years ago! The laundry room is too often used to put out of commission for several days, but with it being summer, I finally got it done!

I followed the directions very carefully, including doing a test run on a small area, which I normally skip to save time. Thankfully, the coating took to the floor well, but I wasn’t about to paint the whole room for it to start chipping.

The process was tedious, but not difficult. My floors were dirtier than I thought they were, and grout is difficult, so that took some extra time. All in all, from start to end, the floors weren’t usable for three days, and I couldn’t move appliances back for an additional two days.

In the end, I’m so happy with how it turned out! Not only do the floors look cleaner and the color is much better, but I noticed the floors don’t feel cold anymore like they did before.

I would highly recommend this floor coating for a cost effective, easy to do project to give floors a new life. I’m so glad I took the time and no longer hate my laundry room floor!