Hubcap Art - Spray Paint Maniac

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So this summer my crazy hobby of painting hubcaps reached a milestone.  I have painted over 100 hubcaps!  I’ve probably given over half of them away and the rest adorn my fence, yard, mailbox, etc.  This hobby is the true reason why I’m interested in Rust-Oleum spray paint.  I’ve probably used just as many cans of spray paint to make these! (Currently have over two milk cartons in the garage filled with various colors).  This is my true passion that started when I found a hubcap on the side of the road that was a perfect shape of a sun.  I figured why not paint this?  It was free!  And once you see one hubcap on the side of the road, you’ll see a zillion more.  

They also have become better than wreaths since they last longer.  Every wreath on my front door just faded and rotted away in the Florida sunshine.  I posted just a few of my favorites.  Miss Susie Sunshine is pinned the most on Pinterest.  I love experimenting with various spray paint colors and I just use the inspiration of the shape of the hubcap for the design.  People don’t know what to think when I tell them what I do, but once they see them they want one.  (Only I make them find me one!)

These work best with a coat of Rust-Oleum primer first. I’ve used the car product as well.  Then I always use a base coat of spray paint.  Some I just use spray paint; others I use acrylic paint for the detail.  Many are even cracked or damaged....I don’t care.  I just work around the flaws.  I currently have about six hubcaps waiting to be transformed in the garage right now!  I’m definitely the crazy hubcap lady....or Jen Caps as they like to call them.