When DIY goes too far ...

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Creators, we truly appreciate all the projects that you share with us in the Studio. You all do such great and inspiring work, and even when you post your DIY fails, our whole gang has an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

We found an “Awful Taste but Great Execution” thread on Reddit that shows that kitchen DIY can really go too far – check out the photos above and the links to see more.  

From u/MyMomSaysIAmCool: All we can say is Whoa. What a kitchen!
Check out these map-laden kitchen cabinets, posted by u/robinbiro.
U/Gudgrim posted the “just a little touch of gold and marble” kitchen, with the more is more approach to kitchen design.
U/Iristhevirus has us chuckling over the Matisse-inspired kitchen.
And u/hi_generic_username gave us the giggles with the leather monstrosity kitchen.
How about it folks, any hair raising DIY projects that you’ve seen in real life? We’d love to see the evidence!