Christmas Projects with the Kids

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Christmas projects with the kids/grandkids can be a lot of fun - these are gifts that my grandkids finished this year (with a little help):  My twin grandkids (boy/girl) built the nativity as a gift for their Mom (She loved it).  My grandson worked on the Cat Feeding Dish for his mom (the cat was indifferent) and the Dog Treat Toy for his aunt -you put small treats in the bottles and when the dog hits it - it spins around and drops the treats out for the dog to eat (the dog had a lot of fun and enjoyed the treats).  They all helped with the Sign Post for the front yard. 

My grandson didn't want to try and paint windows, so we went online and found some window photos, printed them out and modge-podged them on.

Anyone else have projects that they worked on with the kids?  I'd love to see what others may have done.