Vintage Spring

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There's a sweet little story behind this collection of pretty blue hob nail glass. My grandparents enjoyed trips to the cinema in their small New England town during WWII. Life was certainly challenging at that time but my grandparents would get dressed up and visit the cinema for an evening out. As was customary back then the cinema was having a promotion to entice movie goers, with each ticket sale for an additional small fee you could purchase a piece of blue hobnail glass and start your own collection. My grandmother bought 2 of each piece so both daughters would have their own set I can imagine my grandmother putting a wrapped piece in her handbag while my grandfather tucked one into his coat pocket as they found their seats to watch a movie with trailers supporting the war effort. There are 11 pieces in the collection I have now. I used 2 of them to display these pretty "Faberge" inspired eggs dressed up with Rust-Oleum turquoise metallic paint for a Vintage Spring touch.