Bathroom Remodels You Can Do Too!

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Happy May Everyone!

Did you know that bathrooms are the #1 interior project homeowners tackle each year? According to Home Advisor, the national average homeowners spend on this project is $9725, but here in Creator's Studio, we all know you can do it for a lot less with a some creativity, hard working products and the right attitude! 

I wanted to share a small collection of bathroom projects most of which were shared right here in Creator's Studio, along with a few go-to products that can make updating your bathroom a lot easier and less expensive.  If you have a bathroom you've been dreaming about, let this serve as your inspiration to get things started!

  1. Countertops and Cabinets still stuck in the 80s? This will help. Countertop and Cabinet Transformations Kits
  2. Oudated Tile? No problem: Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit
  3. Fixtures and Hardware Need a Change of Color? This is the secret go-to product... Universal Spray in Oil Rubbed Bronze. Here is a video that shows just how easy it is! 


And here are a few fabulous transformations for you to get inspired by!

Pallet and Barn Wood Bathroom Remodel by Mjohnson0928

Master Bath Remodel by garagegirl

Bathroom x 2 by noellleee

Completely New Bathroom! by galicia2

From 80s to New! by sabrinasteeler

Bathroom Cabinet Beauty by TraderGee

Flip House Bathroom Reno  by LivingRichonLess

Bathroom Countertop Transformation by Southern Hospitality Blog

Bathroom Cabinet Transformation by Living Rich On Less

So who's inspired? Share a picture of your bathroom you want to update (we won't judge!) and tell us what you would like to change about it.  Have questions or looking for advice? Ask away and see what your fellow Creators have to say.  

(Credits to Taradeliberto for the fabulous Wash Brush Floss Flush sign!)