🗣 Announcing the winners of the Dollar Store Challenge 💵

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When our social team noticed that “dollar store DIY” was everywhere, we knew that our community would be all over the trend! Enter the Dollar Store Challenge – a showcase of creative ingenuity on a budget.

As with every challenge in Creator’s Studio, members delivered. We're giving a shout out to a few memorable projects.

@SouthernYankeeDIY created this chic faux Pottery Barn textured vase.

@Ontheflydiy turned a trash can into a solar lamp 💡

@SchreiberWI turned a food container into this adorable little red wagon.

@Vimarhonor used an assortment of items including foil, dowels, glue sticks - and ingenuity - to create this most remarkable rabbit 🐇

@Chunky Mermaid put a mop head to work and created this warm welcome sign.

@Bastler turned Jenga pieces into striking architectural centerpieces.

Bravo to everyone who showcased their ingenuity and creativity in this challenge 🎉  


🥉 Third place: @Laurieloo2BirdbathA charming place for backyard visitors to take a dip 🛁

🥈Second Place: @whitfordjRacetrack CenterpieceCleverly turning a toy race car track into a timeless centerpiece.

🥇 First Place: @SchreiberWI, Flag: Six-and-a-half packages of tumbling towers turned into this stunning flag 🇺🇸

And the winner of our random voter prize draw is @CotterD - a brand new member of Creator's Studio! 

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in the Dollar Store Challenge  💵  

If you’re jonesing for some friendly DIY competition, there’s still time to enter the Get It Done Challenge … and it’s never too early to start planning for the annual Trash to Treasure Challenge!