Winner Announcement: ColorShift Challenge

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Summer is officially behind us, but that didn’t deter our group of Testors Craft Color Shift aerosol contestants from giving the season a final kick at the can (apologies for that one) 😆

We bet whitfordj's colorful birdbath will be summoning warmth all winter long. 

Love love love candylea’s very pretty summer tray:

Kellis' grow sign with metallic leaves brought summer indoors for the season:

We're diggin' how karichannel souped up an old plasma car

Who else thinks David’s got the fanciest tool tote in town? 

In the end, there can only be one winner, and we’re pleased to announce that our Creator’s Studio community chose Dutch Elements Color Shifting Shark to wear the challenge crown!

Without voters, we couldn’t have challenges: congratulations to Mimime, whose name was randomly drawn from the voter pool as the winner of a Rust-Oleum prize pack.

Thanks to everyone who participated with a submission, and thanks to everyone who dropped by to comment, vote, and be inspired by these projects.